eyes3 for Tennis - 1000 Credits Pack

HK$ 4 000.00

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eyes3 Credits are not currently available for purchase online. Please contact eyes3 Resellers or contact us at info@eyes3.com to purchase additional credits for eyes3 for Tennis.


Electronic Line Call Technology designed for any players, coaches or tennis institutions:

  • Automatic IN/OUT detection for any shots
  • Shots Analytics
  • Live Scoring
  • Video highlights
  • Instant Review/Replay
  • Up to 6 connected phones as cameras
  • Does not include phones and accessories
  • Valid for 12 month with purchase of at least one challenge packs

Ready to deploy on any tennis court

Product Requirements:

  • Cameras: iPhone7 or above
  • Control: iPhone7 or above
  • Internet Connectivity: Wifi or LTE
  • Optional: Apple Watch, eyes3 Pro Accessories