Innovative Solution

Anytime, Anywhere

eyes3 runs on your mobile phone.  No additional cameras or specialised hardware are required.  eyes3 can be used ANYTIME, ANYWHERE by ANYONE.

A.I Powered

eyes3's intelligent AI system delivers professional level accuracy and is adaptable to a wide range of court conditions.

Insights for Everyone

eyes3 delivers rich real-time analytics in a package that is simple and easy to use.  Anyone can setup eyes3 in a few minutes and start getting insights.

Electronic Match Support

eyes3 provides accurate IN/OUT line calls matching that of high end system.  eyes3 can also be used in a self service mode especially suitable for early rounds matches without umpires or linesman.


Tournament organisers requiring an affordable line call solution.

Spectators Engagement

eyes3 promotes spectators participation before, during and after any tournaments.  Spectators can follow player's and match statistics and access instant highlights through their phones in real-time.




Tournament organisers looking to engage spectators and increase tournament followers and raise event profile.

Performance Improvement

eyes3 captures on-demand, real-time analytics as well as multi-angle instant video capture during a match or training session.  Review, archive and share analytics through any mobile device.




Players and Coaches looking for data driven improvement.  Detailed analytics include ball path, speed, spin and landing positions.

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