Self-Service Electronic Line-calling (ELC) Adjudication

Self-Service Electronic Line-calling (ELC) Adjudication

Let's face it, bad line calls are a way of life for a tennis player.  We simply cannot avoid bad calls in a serious game.  

Luckily, eyes3 is designed to provide accurate and objective Electronic Line-call for matches without officials.  Players can enjoy a fair and objective match and avoid unnecessary confrontations and stress.

Here's how to use eyes3 in a self-officiating match:

  • Follow the instructions in ‘Setting up the eyes3 CAMERAs
  • Follow the instructions in ‘Attach Cameras to Match
  • Position the eyes3 CONTROL device near the umpire chair or near the Players bench so that it is accessible easily by both Players
  • In eyes3 CONTROL mode, click the ‘Action’ icon and change the Time Limit to 20 seconds.  This means that players have up to 20 seconds to press the ‘Challenge’ button after a shot that requires adjudication





  • In the event of a dubious shot,  one of the Players (usually the one challenging the call) should approach the eyes3 CONTROL device and click the ‘Challenge’ button (the big button with the eyes3 logo)


  • The Players then review the CHALLENGE Results on the eyes3 CONTROL device


Review challenge results