eyes3 In Action

eyes3 is designed to be used in competition to make accurate, decisive line calls. 


In this video, the ball landed very close to the line and is difficult to call depending on the vantage point.  This is the kind of shot that may easily lead to heated arguments in a match between umpires and players.  



Here is a different view captured by a second camera running eyes3.  Multiple cameras can easily be added to the eyes3 system.  eyes3's accuracy increases with the number of cameras used.

Let's take a look at the  instant replay at ball impact.  eyes3 allows easy video capture with frame by frame replay any time.


 Fortunately in this case, we are able to see a clear ball mark.  It is just outside of the doubles side line.  

How accurate is the eyes3 result?  This image shows the analytics of eyes3 for this shot.  


eyes3 helps visualize the impact with the actual trajectory as well as a top down view of the landing ball mark. 


eyes3 produces accurate result that is comparable to high end systems used at professional level matches in a much more affordable package.



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