Quick Start - eyes3 VAR

Quick Start - eyes3 VAR

The VAR system is gaining acceptance in sports like Football/Soccer to help referees to make decisions.  VAR is essentially an instant video review system that can replay the immediate shot in slow motion and frame by frame scrubbing.  This is different from electronic line-call technologies such as Hawk-eye where the system itself attempts to make a definitive decision; e.g. IN or OUT.  In VAR, the system does not attempt to decide on the outcome of a call and leave the decision to the umpire or referee.   VAR and line-call technologies can be used separately or in combination depending on the specific rules of the sports in question.  

In eyes3 terminology, VAR functionality is a subset of eyes3 ELC.  eyes3 provides an App called eyes3 VAR is functionally a subset of eyes3 Electronic Line Call.  If you are looking to use eyes3 Electronic Line Call, you should use the App called eyes3 instead.


Consider this clip where ball landed very close to the wide side of this service box, this is the kind of shot that may result in heated arguments.  With eyes3 VAR, the shot is recorded and can be instantly recalled for frame by frame review.




Here's how we use eyes3 VAR to review the shot:




To use eyes3 as VAR:

  1. Launch eyes3 VAR app and click ‘Settings’ in the launch screen.  Find ‘Use Edge Server’ and choose a location that is closest to your current location.  Selecting a close location will enable faster upload and download of all VAR videos during review.  You should change this setting for all eyes3 CAMERAS and eyes3 CONTROL.
  2. eyes3 VAR transfers require the transfer of large videos files across the internet and will incur significant mobile charges if you are on a cellular network for the eyes3 CAMERAs and eyes3 CONTROL. Consider using a good performing Wifi network when using eyes3 VAR.
  3. Following instructions in Quick Start: Basic Camera Setup and Quick Start: Attach Cameras to Match
  4. Click ‘Action’ icon and enable Highlight for all the eyes3 CAMERAs.  You should see the letters HL for each of the active eyes3 CAMERAs.
  5. Click ‘Action’ icon and Start Recording for all the cameras.  The icons at the bottom should all turn green (i.e. eyes3 CAMERAs online and recording).
  6. To maximise the speed of videos retrieval during VAR review, turn on Auto Upload Videos by clicking the Green Icon in eyes3 CONTROL/History.  The Green Icon only appears after you have performed step 4 above.


Edge Server

eyes3 VAR needs to push and download videos across the network.  An Edge Server helps to minimise network latency when downloading videos.  Click the Camera Menu to choose an Edge Server that is closest to your current location when setting up eyes3.


Downloading Videos

The videos must first be downloaded to the eyes3 CONTROL before they can be played back.  Click the Camera Menu and select Download videos. 





You are now ready to use VAR.  

To use VAR, follow these steps:

  1. Immediately after the shot/action you want to review, click the VAR/Highlight button on the eyes3 CONTROL screen. If you do not see VAR button, click the large button with eyes3 logo.
  2. Make sure the "camera" icon on the top left of the history screen is enabled and you see icons representing eyes3 CAMERAs appear around the court.
  3. You should see all the video cameras available for review; indicated by video icon (the rectangle with a right pointing arrow)
  4. Click on the relevant video icon and select ‘Prepare Video' (i.e. upload video from eyes3 CAMERA to the eyes3 Cloud server)
  5. Once the video is uploaded to the eyes3 Cloud server, the icon will change to the Cloud icon
  6. Click on the Cloud icon (‘Retrieve’) to retrieve the video to eyes3 CONTROL
  7. Once retrieved, click ‘Play’ to review the shot/action
  8. You can now play the videos in slow motion by using the scrub bar at the bottom.  If multiple cameras are available, you can view up to 4 video clips at the same time by choosing the ‘Select’ button at the top right corner.