Case Study: Setting up eyes3 at Dongguan, China

Case Study: Setting up eyes3 at Dongguan, China

This week the eyes3  team traveled to Dongguan, China to support the Finals of the China Tennis Club League 2019.


This year's event was held at the beautiful Centre Court of the Dongguan Tennis Centre, where the best of the top provincial players all over China came and compete for this year's prestigious title.


We had not given any prior information about the court therefore we had no idea what court looked like.  We therefore brought more mounting gear than usual.   Still, everything we took fit in 3 small flight friendly carry-on cases.  


eyes3 in a box (x3)


We were delighted when we saw how good the court was. Great condition for both players and spectators.


The first thing to do was to decide where the best position to set the eyes3 CAMERAs.   



Seeing there's a camera men already set up at a good location, we decided also to use a tripod next to the guy.




Here's good view of what the cameras' screen.  Note how each camera only looked at one side of the court.  This is our recommended way to setup eyes3 CAMERAs.


While that worked well, we were not too happy about the long cables the cameramen is running along the floor.  There was a good chance that someone will get tripped over and touched our cameras.  We were also not sure if there will be too many overly curious spectators whom might bump into our tripods.  Since eyes3 are wireless and can be moved anywhere.  We decided to put the cameras on the railings around the court with the universal clamp we brought with us.





That worked well and the cameras are out of the way of foot traffic.  We put a total of 8 eyes3 CAMERAs around the court for analytics.  We put a 9th camera to capture highlights to capture a more view friendly so we can use the clips for broadcast and sharing.



After the system was set up we were good to go.  Again, eyes3 has won over the officials and spectators on how good the system is.


A side note, there were some serious strong players, as seen in this shot review.  Pretty solid and aggressive speed.



I hope this article help you understand more of how eyes3 is set up.