Frequently Asked Questions

What type of equipment do I need to setup eyes3?

eyes3 runs on your mobile phone as an app.  There are no additional electronics required.

How many phones do I need to use eyes3?

eyes3 is designed to be simple as possible, but with the ability to scale up matching professional level equipments.  If you are using eyes3 as a training tool the minimum is one phone to capture the shots.  If you are using eyes3 to make line call decisions, a minimum of 2 phones are required, one for each side of the court.  You can use up to 10 phones for maximum accuracy.

What type of analytics can eyes3 offer?

eyes3 can make IN/OUT line calls, ball trajectory, ball speeds, ball spin for each shot.  eyes3 also provides a live score function and additional match statistics in tournaments.

Is it difficult to install eyes3?

eyes3 is designed to be simple to use.  It usually takes a few minutes to setup eyes3 on a court.  eyes3 is self-calibrating and automatically adjust to different court surface and lighting conditions.

How long can the phone last running eyes3?

A typical phone can last for about 2 hours running the eyes3 app.  You can easily extend by using a standard external battery for your phone.  

How much does eyes3 cost?

eyes3 is charged per device on a monthly subscription fee.  Please contact us for for more information about pricing.