Quick Start - Challenge a Shot

Quick Start - Challenge a Shot


Once the eyes3 CAMERAs are set up and assigned to a match, you are ready to use eyes3 fair play functions.  Follow the instructions in other Quick Start guides before proceeding.



To start using eyes3, access the eyes3 CONTROL screen.





Challenge a Shot
  • Immediate after players finished a shot that require analysis, press the large eyes3 Logo button on CONTROL.
  • Choose the player requesting the challenge when prompted
  • Wait for analytics processing to finished
  • Review line call results
  • Continue game



Time Limit

Note that analytics will only be available within a certain time limit between the shot is finished and the eyes3 button press.  The default time limit is 10 seconds.

You may wish to extend the time limit for a challenge when there is no umpire and the players make the challenge themselves.  You can change the time limit by clicking the ‘Action’ button at the top right corner.