eyes3 CONTROL is the primary user interface of the eyes3 system


  • Create/Edit and Add players to a match
  • Remote Setup and Control eyes3 CAMERAs and eyes3 MATCH RECORDERS
  • Update Scores and review statistics
  • Project Full Screen Live Scoreboards to TV/Broadcast
  • Make challenges and review Analytics
  • VAR - Frame by Frame slow motion video replay
  • Share match you created and follow other matches with friends or tournament organisers

eyes3 CAMERA

eyes3 CAMERA is used to capture and analyse trajectory and player analytics. 


  • Capture high frame-rate videos for analytics and challenges
  • Up to 10 devices running eyes3 CAMERA (Camera 1 through 10) can be placed per court
  • Use eyes3 CONTROL to manage all eyes3 CAMERA devices once they are physically setup and positioned around the court


eyes3 MATCH RECORDER is used to capture full length videos for a match.  


  • Up to 4 cameras (Camera A through D) can be placed for each match
  • Use Match CONTROL to manage all eyes3 MATCH RECORDER devices once they are physically setup and positioned around the court
  • Match recorders will be automatically switched to a new match and start recording when eyes3 MATCH RECORDERs are assigned to a match via eyes3 CONTROL


  • Review account status and credit balance
  • Review connected eyes3 CAMERAs
  • Adjust eyes3 behavior

eyes3 CREDITs

eyes3 provides a rich set of functionalities to our users.  Many of the functions are free but some of the more advanced features require eyes3 CREDITs.  Credits are deducted from the user's account balance when they are accessed.  Users can check their balance and usage history in the eyes3 Settings page.  Credits can be purchased from our online store


See how eyes3 CREDITs are charged



Quick Start

  1. Start eyes3 CAMERA / eyes3 MATCH RECORDER and position the devices around a court
  2. Choose a camera placement (1 through 10, or A through D) on eyes3 CAMERA or eyes3 MATCH RECORDER screen
  3. Calibrate the eyes3 CAMERA by clicking the Calibrate button.  eyes3 MATCH RECORDER does not require calibration
  4. Repeat Steps 1 though 3 for additional devices running eyes3 CAMERAs or eyes3 MATCH RECORDERs
  5. Create a match using eyes3 CONTROL and assign the Default camera group to the match.  eyes3 CAMERAs / eyes3 MATCH RECORDERs will now be connected to the current match
  6. Press the large eyes3 Logo Button to Challenge a Shot within 10 seconds after the shot is made
  7. Match videos are recorded in 15 minutes segments and will initially be stored locally on the eyes3 MATCH RECORDER device.  Open the Recording tab in eyes3 CONTROL to upload or share videos to followers
  8. To share a match you created to followers, click the Share button from the Info button in the My Matches tab in eyes3 CONTROL.


Tutorials - Videos

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